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Is your book ready?

Reader's Select is eager to support authors toward publication. If you are an author with a fantastic story and the manuscript is completed, please send it to us for review. Make sure that you print our checklist and follow every detail before submitting, as we are a profit sharing publishing company. We only accept polished manuscripts from the author.  

What we provide for your book


Show the world that you are a Reader's Select author! Reader's Select will publish your book with the Reader's Select logo.  This logo represents books with engaging and respectful content that follows the standards of schools and libraries.


Reader's Select is a profit sharing company that keeps 10% of royalties Advances are not provided, because the author has already provided a clean product, ready for publication. If your work is not accepted, try again! Just follow the checklist.


Reader's Select provides an ISBN to its authors, which makes the book a Reader's Select book!

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What does the author provide?


A perfect manuscript

Yes! We expect a near to perfect manuscript. Please follow our checklist and you should have it. Writing is creative and hard, so those who are serious about sending us a story must have passed through the editing gauntlet before introducing it to us. 


Finish the work

Yes, you have done the work and you are tired, but why give up all the money? Check your budget, hang in there, and do the rest of the work. If you have done all you can, we will stamp it completed and ready for readers. There are many different ways to sell your book. You can choose how and where to sell your book based on your budget.


Willingness to promote

We are here to help! We will advertise your book through our social media outlets and webpage. However, authors are the best at promoting their own books. Do you have a favorite podcast and a large social media following? Do you know someone who does?


Hiring help

There are many resources for authors in today's technological world. Reader's Select expects that authors will have already hired and utilized illustrators and editors before submitting the masterpiece. Once accepted, we are available to complete the publishing process and the necessary connections and paperwork for retailers.   

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