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What do we live for?

Recently I thought about life in general. What is it that we really live for? Many of us believe that we are here to grow and then return to God. We see babies being born and the elderly on their way out. It's a complete cycle of life. Some people believe in reincarnation, some people believe we get one life opportunity, some people don't believe we have souls and it's completely over when we die. Why do we live? Why do we put in the effort?

Recently, I went through all my kids' scrapbooks/baby books. I have a few great photos, the school sample photos from every year, which I don't buy because my phone is loaded with pictures. I associate school pictures from the time when people needed photos, but I keep the pre school prints with the studio logo etched across my kids' faces. I can still see their yearly changes! those cute photos go into a scrap book with movie tickets and first hair clippings. At least once a year I clip, tape and fix up those books. And they will mean so much to me and the kids when they go off into the world to start their lives. I hope they or their wives will put together a book for each of their children, but it's up to them. I know my own friends are not as organized. I run a tight ship in my home but I hang onto the moments and that's what I feel life is about. We live for the memories. We come to earth to learn how to be human, to be educated, to forgive others and ourselves, and to collect memories. We live for the memories. What are yours? If you don't have enough, then maybe it's time to get some. Load up the memories that you will cherish, ditch those who injure or control your memories and hang onto those you want to swamp the scrapbooks, both real and floating in the clouds.

Here is a picture of my youngest son looking for red tomatoes in the garden. He loves it and I love him. The memory of him hunting for tomatoes is just as fun as hunting for Easter eggs. I live for the memories.

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