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Get your template for writing Nonfiction or How to Books. 

You also get a great PDF on research and citing. 

How to books and Nonfiction Bundle

  • There are so many great tips on writing out there:

    Here are a few to start:

    • write what you know

    • Don’t save information for other books

    • read the best books

    • copy style

    • edit

    • edit again

    • Use poetry techniques

    • Start with a hook

    • Love yourself, love writing, love others

    • Watch the video on navigating chapters. It's Silent but shows you how your can move around your word document with the table of contents. 
    • Use your template and just fill it in as you write. Make sure to copy and paste the pages as you go so you can just replace what the document has. Also, update that table of contents and replace the copyright with your information. 
    • Use the research information to get what you need to be an authority on your book. 
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