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Can self published authors be successful? How do I publish on Amazon?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Self published authors can be successful. Wool by Hugh Howey is a great example! He’s made millions. If you have a great idea, you write it, and you get it out there. How do you make your writing successful:

  1. Read great writers

  2. Follow the mindset, which is shown in The Secret

  3. Craft your book well!

  4. Write it

  5. edit, edit, edit

You are a writer if you publish with traditional house publishing companies or if you publish on your own. Basically, books end up in the same place: Amazon. Just remember to do the following before you publish:

  1. Create a great product

  2. Do your research

  3. edit

When it comes to getting into bookstores... You may need to visit the stores to get their card/address and see the types of books they sell. Then be sure to send them your media package. You’ll also want to make sure your book has your ISBN number and is in Ingram Spark, which is where bookstores order books for the store. Send a letter to the store reminding them of your visit, have a page about your book (or media package), and tell them exactly how they can order it for their store. You might offer to do a signing as well.

Get your bundle on selling on Amazon!

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