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How to clip toe nails and write about it!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Why write Non fiction?

It helps people. Just look at that title. Was it funny? Or were you just slightly interested.

Remember those college essays? They weren’t so bad. You needed some research and a plan. Just pretend each chapter is a five page essay and part of a whole. This is not that hard if you are passionate about a topic.

Non fiction can incorporate how to books, journals, even coloring books!

A memoir: Do you want to share your journey?

  1. Divide up your experience into chapters and go for it

  2. Are you an expert in your job field? Write it down, create a book

  3. Do you want to make money? Non fiction books can be extremely popular

  4. You have an audience already and want to serve their needs

  5. Do you want to learn something new?

Take what you know and divide it into sections/chapters. Then outline each. Find at least one source of research for each. Make sure to create a works cited or bibliography as you go, but write that book, chapter by chapter, page by page. Then check out our advice on creating a cover. You can do this!

Get our template for How to Books and start now!


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