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Why keep a journal?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

#journal #writing #books Look at that! We can start our journals with hashtags. So often technology saving takes the place of the journals that people used to keep. What about those weather journals that people used to keep years ago? Is anyone still doing that?

What kinds of journals are there?

1. Writing Journal

Keep track of your rough drafts, characters, and even planning maps. If you are a writer, it's a great idea to have a writing journal.

2. Bullet Journal

Do you love lists but writing is a burden. How about making a bullet journal, which is basically the date, topics, and lists on life or whatever interests you.

3. Dream Journal

Do you like writing down those dreams before they fleet away with your morning eggs? Keep a dream journal by your bed so you can quickly write down the images and happenings of your adventurous night. Then, go back and analyze later! Try a dream book with it.

4. Food Journal

Seems like we have every opportunity to save recipes online via Facebook and recipe apps. But how about those recipe books we love to touch? And what about the notebook that has all of Grandma's recipes and favorite Thanksgiving secrets.

5. Travel Journal

DO you travel? Take thousands of pictures for your phone cloud, and then print just two from each vacation. Paste those into a journal and describe your most memorable moment from your trip. Maybe it was that moment when you gave your shoes to the little girl who needed them. Or maybe it was eating shrimp on the beach. Sometimes less is more. After thousands of pictures, would you prefer the simple journal?

6. Art Journal

Art journals are fantastic, because you can just create art and label. You can write on one side and then draw on the other. Art journals tend to have blank pages.

7. Prayer Journal

Are you religious? You can use a prayer journal to write down scriptures and reflect on their meanings. You could also create lists of what you need to pray for. You can also ask spiritual questions and write the answers when you find them. Prayer journals are awesome, especially in a time when people spend thousands on personal coaches. Be your own.

8. Reading Journal

Are you an active reader? Do you participate in a reading club? You can ask questions, make predictions, and find so much meaning in the writings of others.

9. Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is strictly for all of the things that you are grateful for. You might write down gratitude quotations and then explain them. You might also create your own quotations.

10. Project Journal

Project journals can be used to explain progress, which is sometimes hard to see unless we are keeping track. Are you into woodworking? Take a picture of each accomplishment before your sell it. Then you have a great record of what you have done.

11. Garden Journal

Remind yourself of what to put into your garden each season.Take the notes about what grows and details you don't want to forget by next season.

12. Pocket Journal

13. Workout Journal

14. Pregnancy journal

15. Scrap booking Journal

Cut, paste, draw, and keep those movie tickets!

16. Idea Journal

An idea journal helps you write down your get rich schemes and dreams! Write, dump, and then go back and organize when you have time to turn ideas into goals.

17. Poetry Journal

Yes! Keep a journal where you roughly write the poems you want and no one can judge your iambic pentameter.

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